5 rules for perfect mobile UI design

5 rules for perfect mobile UI design DevsPush Shop

When creating the design for an application, it can seem ridiculously hard getting it to look a certain way. Seasoned developers often have the issue of feeling that something isn’t completely right – but they can’t tell what it is.

It’s not an uncommon thing. Creating an app that works with certain functionalities makes you think in an entirely different way than creating a design for that same app. You made it – you know what it does – it looks logical to you.

However, it’s the end user that will be handling your creation, and that’s somebody that wasn’t there with you when you made it. They don’t know the functionalities available, or the mindset you were in when you created them. The end user is just a random person that you need to lead through the process of using your app – and what better way than to make it as intuitive and clear as possible?

Know your users

Although not always applicable, this step is often completely skipped. It’s pretty simple – when creating a design for your app, take the time to consider who your audience is.

For instance, if your goal is to get users that are older or not so tech-savvy, it might be wiser to make your app look very simple and uncluttered. Turn up the font size and the button size, avoid dark backgrounds and maybe even add some thought to the kind of advertising you’re willing to allow (if you’ve got a freemium version). Both your users and any other partner will thank you!

Organize your app

Much like with everything else that has a lot of information to offer, apps need to be designed with a certain order. Consider the fact that they will be used on screens of various sizes and (if you decide to go hybrid) might even have to be compatible with different operating systems. Don’t go putting buttons in areas where phones have cameras or plugs – such as the top and bottom bands of a screen. Give your app a flow that can be easily followed, and make sure to test out different orders to avoid bugs!

Size matters

If you’re adding tabs and buttons, follow the size regulations as much as you can. You can find them for both Apple and Android, and they really make a difference. Size is sometimes the only thing stopping you from putting every function available on a single screen – and knowing you are bound by this rule will make you think harder about the sort of functionalities that can be grouped together.

It’s not just about the organization of the app through – the size of a tab or the icons can improve the overall look of the app, including a lack of overlapping and less scrolling, which makes your design look clean and simple.

Color me surprised!

Colors are your friend. Not sure about your choice of wording? You can supplement the elements of your app through the use of color, making them more easily understandable for end-users. Red button for no, green for yes – it can be as simple as that.

5 rules for perfect mobile UI design DevsPush Shop blog
Your palette can have as many or as few photos as you want.

However, make sure you don’t go crazy with the possibilities. Try to stick to 3-5 main colors in your palette, with additional features standing out in a different shade.

Splash that screen

This screen is the first thing the user sees when loading your app. It gives you the ability to set the mood, show off your logo or even give some tips on how the app works.

We always make sure that the splash screen is included in our templates – feel free to browse around!

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