Android News App Templates: Top 5 List

Android News App Templates: Top 5 List

The usage of news apps has increased significantly over the past several years. The reason behind this fact lies in the growing reliance on mobile devices for obtaining information.

If you want to build your own news app for Android, you have landed on the right article, as we bring you top 10 list of Android news app templates.

1. Deco News – Android Mobile App for Wordpress

Deco News is an Android app template that can be used for tranforming your Wordpress-powered website into a powerful app for Android users. This app template is built using Kotlin, a modern alternative to Java. Features worth exploiting include RTL support, DeepLink, responsiveness, Firebase integration, OneSignal push notifications, Admob integration and many more.

It is significant to emphasize that you can choose between light and dark mode, when it comes to interface of the app you choose to build with Deco News.

2. Android News App

Android News App is one of the best selling news app templates on CodeCanyon. The UI of this Android app template is designed following Material Design guidelines. Main features: Built in Android Studio, AdMob banner & Interstitial, FCM & OneSignal notifications, Admin Panel with Material style, YouTube & Video support and many more.

This news app template comes with a support for utf-8 unicode characters which you can change with your language in app easily, and RTL support which makes easy to convert the app to RTL mode.

3. Universal – Full Multi-Purpose Android Application

Universal is a UI template that can support any app project you want to develop. This app template lets users create just about any app they want by pulling in unlimited content from sources such as blogs, timelines, feeds, channels, playlists, or webpages, and easily combining them into one customisable app. It supports the most popular web content sources, like Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, and RSS.

4. YouNews | Android Universal News App Template

YouNews is an app template where you can easily add/edit news via the Parse Dashboard hosted on or free CMS panel for Parse apps and have them displayed right away in the app. It is also possible to send push notifications to all registered devices via the Parse Push console on back4app. The User Guide explains how to configure the app, the backend on back4app and how to edit/add categories.

5. WP NewZ

WP Newz is an Android app template which can transform your WordPress site into a news app packed with a bunch of interesting features. This app template covers all the basic functionalities a news app should have – bookmark, AdMob ads, search, notifications etc.

For every component and color combination, the creators of this template used Material Design components. The source code of this app template is modularised. This app template is developed with Android Studio

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