Best way of making your WordPress news app mobile friendly

Best way of making your WordPress news app mobile friendly

WordPress has been around since 2003, and this web publishing software has become more and more popular as time went by. Today, it powers around a third of the entire world wide web – and it’s used for everything from self-published blogs to some very complex websites.

It’s a favorite among beginners, but serious developers are equally happy to use it because of the versatility and support available. WordPress News sites are especially popular, even with big-name companies like TechCrunch and Variety

However, no matter how easy the creators of WordPress have made it to create and maintain a news site, making your site mobile-friendly is still a matter of responsive design. If this isn’t something you’re confident doing, then you might be in trouble.

Mobile phone usage is on the rise, and current numbers show that over 85% of adults us them for browsing news (at least in the USA). This trend is important – not only does it show that users are more likely to use your app if it’s mobile-friendly, it also lets you adapt your news style to being read on a smaller screen. It’s an art on its own, and it can be a little tricky to master.

While you’re busy finding and adapting copy, you won’t have much time left over trying to manually create a responsive environment. Luckily, there’s a theme for that! There’s several, actually.

Best way of making your WordPress news app mobile-friendly
Even big companies need to put some effort in updating their offer

It’s been said before: not everybody can be a designer. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s definitely something that can make your app look sub-par and lose you a few key customers.

It can start with things that seem simple, like choosing a color scheme. While websites can look good in all kinds of color combinations, mobile phones are often used in extremely bright or extremely dark surroundings, and your app should reflect that.

One thing you should remember: not all news are in English! If you’re planning on an app that supports a different language, it should do it right. Left-to-right languages alone can be tricky (depending on the alphabets they use), but right-to-left languages require a whole new level of support.

Your UX should be intuitive, your customers should feel at home when browsing the news you collect for them. Additional features should work flawlessly – especially things like push notifications. They are your surest way of reaching users with emergency news, offers or even cool promotions that you want people to pay special attention to.

At DevsPush, we offer and Android mobile app template for WordPress news sites, as well as an Ionic app template. Both of these are fully adapted and cater to news sites, making them a must-have if this is your journey. You get to choose color schemes, adapt for different languages (including RTL), and play around with push notifications – plus, every part of the process is available in the online documentation, and our team is available for additional support.

There are other providers of WordPress templates and themes, of course. The variety and quality varies, but you’re likely to dig up something that fits your needs if you look long and hard enough. In the meantime, we suggest you stick to what you have in front of you: a service that has your best interests at heart and is willing to go above and beyond to make your idea mobile-friendly.

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