Five reasons you should learn to use Flutter

Created in 2017, Flutter has only been around for a bit more than 2 years. In that time, it has distinguished itself among other mobile app frameworks for several reasons – simplicity, usability… With 2020 just around the corner, there seems to be no limit to what might happen next.

Now, there are many frameworks out there. In our previous blogs, we’ve established that the choice of framework is entirely dependent on the project you are using it for, as well as the level of expertise you have.

However, if there’s anything that we know, it’s that there’s never too much information out there. So, here’s a list of reasons why Flutter should be your framework of choice.

1.Documentation and community

At DevsPush, one of our personal pet peeves is coming across a great framework and finding out that it’s stagnant. The world of tech is dynamic, with various changes coming around nearly every day. Creating something means maintaining it, otherwise you end up with a product that’s useless.

This is the first reason Flutter doesn’t let down. The community is growing all the time – users that are happy to share their experiences and build on the existing code, constantly trying to evolve the offer.

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A solution is only as good as those that maintain it.

It makes all the difference to be a part of a story that’s still ongoing. Fresh solutions, new ideas, innovative design… The list goes on.

2. Speed and simplicity

A lot of developers swear by hybrid apps because they let you create and maintain using a single source. No need to separate your android from your iOS solutions – an app developed using flutter is performant like a native one, and you only need a single developer to work on it.

Additionally, you’re using Dart to develop. Dart’s a pretty young language – created in 2011, but improved vastly since then. It’s pretty similar, in syntax, to JavaScript – and it lets you develop entire apps from a single codebase.

3. UI/UX variety

Flutter consists of and SDK (Software Development Kit) and a framework. These frameworks are actually a collection of elements that make up the app’s UI – and there are so many to choose from!

At DevsPush, we offer a couple of fully-supported Flutter frameworks, and we’re happy to offer a lifetime’s worth of maintenance on every product. There are, however, other possibilities for frameworks; depending on how much you’re willing to invest (time or money-wise) and what functions you need your app to have. In any case, Flutter has you rolling in possibilities.

4. Success stories

So many apps have been built using Flutter! From e-commerce ( to Google Ads, there seems to be nothing you can’t create.

However, this isn’t the full reason why the success stories are such a big deal. The thing is, many large companies choose Flutter for the same reason startups choose flutter: the speed and ease of creating an MVP. It’s a lot easier to get users and investors if you show them a functioning app rather than a series of stylish screenshots !

5. Fun!

Flutter was made to be easy, quick and versatile. As a result, you have a framework that allows you to play around with functions, switch things around and add or remove elements in no time at all. This gives you freedom to explore and enjoy your app as you’re making it. Isn’t that what making apps should be like?

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