How to personalize your mobile app template

How to personalize your mobile app template
How to personalize your mobile app template

There are a lot of apps out there – specifically, over 2.2 apps on the Apple Store and another 2.8 (and counting!) on Google Play.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, it’s not as wonderful if you’re the one making those apps- it’s a sea of opportunities for potential users, and that makes it extra hard to get your own app seen and used.

Whether you’re making an enterprise application for an innovative startup or just giving your existing customers something extra that will make your business pop, you need to make sure you have a visually and functionally appealing application.

Of course, not everyone has the time or energy to build every application from the ground up. It can take a long time, and the very base is where a lot of tiny mistakes can happen that compromise your future features.

This is why templates exist!

How to personalize your mobile app template
Don’t be afraid of a well-made base for your idea

Instead of going through days or weeks of painfully detailed work creating a layout, you can click your way to a template that will let you build what you want without the stress of laying the groundwork. Some templates and themes are free – like this Atomic freebie we have in our store.

Others might cost a few bucks, but you’ve got so much variety to choose from we have in our store. Whether you need to integrate with Angular, Android or iOS, templates are your best bet for creating your own app quick and easy.

Templates are definitely a go-to for both experienced and inexperienced developers, but there is a dilemma: how do you make your app stand out if you’re using a template like others?

Well, one thing you can definitely do is get your templates from niche suppliers, specifically focused on certain types of applications (like Android-Kotlin).If you’re not willing to dig around for some more specific choices, then the way to go is through personalization.

The easiest way to personalize a template is simply by changing the color combinations. It gives your app personality and originality, and it’s just a fun and easy way to make your brand pop. It doesn’t need to be too flashy, though – we’ve warned about the dangers of clutter before, so that’s definitely something to think about.

If you’ve already got some colors in mind, play around with other design features like splash screens and menu options! There’s a world of diversity out there, and something as simple as a swipe can make you a household name (like Tinder). Again, don’t go crazy with the options. A simple, consistent UI is a much better choice than 1998 PowePoint presentations with each letter spinning onto the screen individually.

One of the most popular features focused on by app designers is the push notification. They’re one of the best ways to quickly grab the attention of existing users – either to promote and market new products or offers, or to inform them of any changes you made to your app. However, as anybody who’s dealt with them will tell you, there’s a lot that could go wrong with push notifications. Lucky for you, all our templates come with the option for push notifications included. Add it if you’ve got the need – but careful not to overuse the privilege of instant engagement with your users!

There are other things you can do to personalize your template as well – we make sure there’s always enough documentation available if you want to experiment on your own, and the DevsPush team is always available for additional support. Let your mobile journey begin!

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