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For beginners or experienced developers, here are the top picks for Ionic 5 templates!

The Ionic framework is a long-time favorite: it lets you build quality applications quickly and with ease, providing the tools necessary to develop all kinds of applications.

Earlier this year, Ionic 5 (or Magnesium) rolled out. Apart from some cool design changes (like the overlay menu and starters), we’ve also been gifted with some brand-new features. Styling components has been made much easier, there’s a new icon library and users can now create custom animations!

But a framework is only as good as the support you get while using it. Here are some of the best templates available for Ionic 5 in 2020:

1. Atom UI Kit - Multi-purpose Starter Ionic 5 App Template - Angular 8, Sass, Firebase

This user-friendly template is perfect for users of all levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned developers. Compatible with both Ionic and Angular, and available in 6 different color combinations, it can fit any application and let you transfer seamlessly between projects.

2. Weather App - Ionic 5 / Angular 8 Template

Anybody creating a weather application knows that an uncluttered, clean design is much better than an over-the top one. Luckily, this template gives you some well-made icons and an integration with Open Weather API. Simple and suitable for beginner up.

3. Ecommerce App Theme/Template UI (Ionic 5 Angular 8)

Highly customizable user and developer friendly template that gives you a chance to turn your business into an online sensation. With a choice of styles, icons and product view, it’s easy to create an e-commerce portal for just about any product. Level beginner and above, but best if you have some previous experience.

4. Fitness Theme Ionic 5 / Angular 8 Fitness Template UI Theme

Love to work out or hate it, this template will make you do it with a smile! Modern, sleek and full of useful features like custom components and animations, developing a personalized work-out app for your gym or class will be a piece of cake.

5. Ionic 5 Food delivery App

If COVID has shown us anything, it’s that people like to order things online. Make your own food delivery app using this template and help everybody stay safe at home!

6. Necco Ionic 5 / Angular 8 UI Theme

If you’re not sure what you’re building, you can’t go wrong with a multi-purpose template. Choose from 130 screens and get your project started.

7. EQuiz - Full Quiz Application IONIC 5

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Whether you’re making it for yourself or planning on launching to a wider audience, this template can give you all those elements you need to make a great experience for everybody involved. Clean UI, multiple language options and an admin panel included!

8. Listpack Ionic 5 Classified Ads

Advertising isn’t risky business when there’s a place to do it quickly, safely and easily. Make your ad platform with this versatile template, complete with 3 access profiles (admin, vendor, customer) and a sleek design. Level medior or up!

9. BetSport - Online Fantasy Sports Betting App Template

Fantasy sports seem the be the only kind we’ll be seeing for a while, so why not make it interesting? You can create a fully customized betting app using this template and just a beginner’s coding knowledge.

10. Nearme 6.0 - Ionic 5 Starter / Template for location-based apps

Need an app that’s based on location? Look no further than this template, complete with an admin portal and Google Maps integration. Finding your place in the world has never been easier!

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