Make it, sell it, buy it, use it: e- commerce made safe

Creating is a job just like any other, but payment depends on finding the right customer that values the work for what it is.

This is not something people often discuss. After all, we’re all fed digital content on an hourly basis –we’re pushed with all kinds of visual and audio clutter, banners and pages of things to see, read, use, enjoy. It makes it difficult to remember that each one of these things comes at a price, each one of them was made by somebody expecting some sort of payment.

It’s not an easy job to be a buyer of digital content either. Getting the right product with the right quality isn’t just about finding the product itself – it includes verifying the author to avoid nasty issues with ownership, as well as getting through the right channels.

In an infinite global market, the right audience might have some trouble finding a channel they trust for their purchasing needs. Between a fear of payment systems and a lack of clear authorship of various creations, creators and customers can find it hard to connect.

Creators of digital content also have their own problems coming in: trying to find the right marketplace for their products, getting a fair price on their work and making sure they actually receive their compensation.

This is where Gumroad comes in.

Founded in 2011, it is one of the cleanest, simplest, safest e-commerce platforms around. It started from a single idea: those who create digital content and those who consume it need a way to simply, safely do their business.

Digital content relies on safety for three reasons:

  1. As it is digital, creators need to know they won’t be taken advantage of. How many times have you seen a photo appear on multiple platforms, websites, social media pages and even in real life material? Tracking down those who illegally use content that they have no right to can be time-consuming and expensive, and getting compensation is an additional legal battle.
    Wall of café in Vietnam, hand-painted with Shutterstock watermark included.
  2. A lot of creators face difficulties finding the right platform for their work. Recently, some writers have even complained of being banned from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. The reason for their ban is unclear to them, and they have left their audience with no unique way of getting to their content . Other platforms may not have these types of blockers, but it can still be a struggle to find the right place to advertise your work and get it to the right customers.
  3. Buyers need to know who they are buying from. Authorship aside, money exchanged online needs to be protected in order to get to the intended wallet. One negative experience is enough to create a long-lasting aversion, and could really damage a customer’s perception of e-commerce.

Gumroad makes sure these issues are dealt with. Safety comes first – all sides in a transaction know where the digital content is coming from and where it’s going to go, while monetary transactions are quick and clear.

We at DevsPush use Gumroad because our work is important to us. We want to know that our customers get what they want and pay exactly as agreed, with no additional costs or difficulties. Card or PayPal, we take it all: with a tool like Gumroad, the world is our marketplace.

If you’ve never used Gumroad before, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Hop onto our Products page and treat yourself to a certified DevsPush creation directly from the authors themselves!

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