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This statistic collected and presented by Hootsuite isn’t just a cool way to say that a lot of people are into technology. These numbers show us something much more important – the increasing power of the mobile phone application.

For anybody that is trying to reach an audience, choosing the right channel of communication is a vital step in the process. A digital channel of communication gives you a very wide audience pool – which is why companies have websites and social media pages.

However, if we consider the trends in the infographic above, we can make a very powerful conclusion: more people have access to mobile phones than to the world wide web. Therefore, communicating to an audience will have a farther reach through an application than through a browser.

Many companies are incorporating mobile applications into their strategies, and some (like McDonalds) have been using their applications to promote existing offers, attract customers and raise awareness of issues that the company supports.

For customers, there are many reasons to prefer using an application to a web-based solution for a company offer. Here are some of them:

⦁ Online and offline availability

While there are mobile application that require internet access in order to work (such as real-time news applications), most still provide an offline work option. No website can offer the same!

⦁ Instant access

An application, unlike a website, offers an experience that is smooth and feels like a part of everyday phone-use. No need to search and surf – one tap is all it takes to get to the content you want to see.

⦁ Speed

A mobile application is faster than a web app. Not just because of the UX: a mobile application is statistically 1.5 times faster than a web app, and the locally-stored data gives it an additional edge.

⦁ Personalization

An application can be personalized and made to feel like a unique experience for each user. From simple things like theme and font, to content and geo-location recommendations, each user can get VIP treatment.

⦁ Ease of communication

While website visitors can be fans, each user that downloads an application effectively becomes a brand ambassador. They are a walking example of the brand’s presence in their lives, and their interaction with the app provides a two-way channel through which the user gets the latest news and information, and the brand gets honest and timely feedback. Add some push notifications into the mix and your access to the audience has never been easier!

⦁ Additional features

An interactive website can be fun, but a mobile phone app gets the additional access to your phone’s features. Including things like cameras, microphones, compasses and speedometers can really take the user experience to a whole new level.

The verdict? A mobile phone application might be your best bet for audienceinteraction, especially in the years to come.

It can be something as simple as a newsletter that gives your stakeholders a notficiation once per week or month. It can be more complex, maybe even include some AR elements, like the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. In any case, you are advised to consider adding an application to the list of things your brand needs. If you’re lucky, you might get a step ahead of the competition!

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