The mobile app trends that dominated 2020

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been growing more and more digital. We’ve talked about the people and businesses that had to adapt and accept software as a part of their lives, and we’ve all been witness to how learning new skills give you an edge on the marketplace.

Not all of this year has been bad. Although some recent news has us shook, flies are video-bombing presidential debates and social distancing is still very much a thing, there is still a silver lining.

That silver lining is also known as coding.

Coding doesn’t judge. Coding doesn’t laugh at your pitiful attempts at making it do what you want it to do (although it might seem that way if you’re getting error messages). Coding doesn’t endanger your family and friends (unless you’re a hacker).

Coding has been around for a while, and this year has proved exactly how important it is for the future of the world. It’s thanks to programmers that people were able to adapt to work-from-home scenarios, students of all ages could receive and online education and endangered individuals could get at-home deliveries of everything from medical supplies and groceries to live animals and sex robots.

How was all of this made possible? Why, through the hard work of forward-thinking IT professionals that sat down and made the apps. Still, some of these have proved to be more relevant for the times than others – and here are our top choices.

News Apps

Whether it’s elections, pandemics or the Kardashians, keeping up with the news is a struggle. That’s why many organizations choose to go ahead with a personalized news app, giving their stakeholders a glimpse into the relevant novelties that impact them. General news apps are also popular – and they’re a great way of giving a fighting chance to copywriters with a strong message!

While 2019 turned out to be a news app goldmine, we don’t see this trend going away any time soon. Being informed is all the rage.

Photo by Nijwam Swargiary on Unsplash
Everything is just fine, no need to keep up-to-date with the world.

E-commerce apps

We all buy things. It’s one of the universally fun things to do – spend hard-earned money on things that we may or may not need as a form of gratifying underlying desires. In other words, purchasing things gives you a kick of happiness. Now, the beauty of eCommerce is that you get all the happiness of buying things without the hassle of leaving your home to do it. Choosing what to buy, paying for it and bringing it home is just a click away!

Of course, e-commerce is really an essential tool for those that are unable to leave their homes, but it’s also a great perk for those that are unwilling. And hey, there are some goods only available in other countries and continents: there’s literally no other way to get some of them.

Social media

Social media may not be a 2020 trend, but it definitely did get a second life this year. While it was used for fun before, the pandemic made it a necessary tool that kept you connected to your friends and family – even if just to video chat.

If you think social media is just going to go away, you’re obviously not being bombarded by friend-requests from random aunts on Facebook.

Communications platforms

Very close to social media, but totally different. Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or whatever unique app used by an organization, these apps have been keeping our kids educated, our company meetings relevant (kind of) and our remote dealings transparent. They’ve also proved to be very effective for holding online events, which is a whole new marketplace.

There you have it. Maybe 2020 wasn’t the best year, or even close to a good one, but it had its perks. Let’s hope that we keep the good things going forward and let the bad things crumble behind us. Here’s to the future!

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